The Mystery of the Chinese Ring

The Mystery of the Chinese Ring by Andy Adams

The Mystery of the Chinese Ring by Andy Adams

The Mystery of the Chinese Ring is an exotic adventure story and is set in locations such as Burma and China, with the historical and political ramifications which applied to the mid Twentieth Century and still ring true in the early 21st Century. What is the purpose of the ring? What is the significance of the letter “K”? Why the interest in a sixteen year old boy going to visit a relative in Burma? Why are family dynasties so important, and why the secrecy concerning their survival? This is an audiobook that will find eager listeners from the ages of about ten to octogenarians, male and female, and also those enjoying adventure stories with many twists and turns. The author, Andy Adams, was a well known writer of cowboy books which are thought to be the best in that genre, and his Biff Brewster books, of which he wrote three, are likewise highly regarded. As the main hero is aged sixteen, this story will find resonances in all those that are young in heart, and is an entertaining book in its own right.

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