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Tips on Writing a Book Review

Book reviews are a fantastic way to get a deeper understanding of a particular book. It helps you formulate an opinion and solidify it with evidence to support your claims. To write an effective book review, All You Can Books follows these steps:

1. Preparation
After reading the book you want to review, make a few notes. Get into the mindset of the reader of your book review, and attempt to answer their questions. These questions tend to be related to what the story is about and what makes it so important. You can also make a few notes about your overall opinion, and why you think this way.

2. Layout
Begin by introducing the title and author of the book at the very beginning, as well as the genre it is (adventure, romance, comedy, etc) and the moral. in every subsequent paragraph, make a valid point and use evidence from the book to support it.

3. Make Sure to Include:
The parts of the book you enjoyed and did not.
Why you thought this, with page numbers or quotes taken.
A bit about the author.

4. The Conclusion
The ending of your book review should sum up your key points and prove to the reader of your review that this book should or should not be read.

These steps are what’s typically included in reviews at All You Can Books Review.