Numbacruncha by Rigby Taylor

Numbacruncha by Rigby Taylor

“The tale begins with a chilling peek into the near future, when Sebastian and Jarek, now in their eighties, confront a particularly vile religious autocrat, whose reign of terror has led to the destruction of their laboratories, but not their secret weapon.

We then take a thousand year leap to a future city-state in which the human aptitude for duplicitous and unjust social schemes has reached its logical culmination in Oasis, a flesh-crawlingly evil dystopia ruled by the most unpleasant gang of conmen and women you’re ever likely to encounter.

A couple of young scientists who have recently invented a new means of transport, begin to question the morality of the Oasis social order, and decide to do something about it.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Sebastian and Jarek’s secret weapon are waiting.”

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