Frankie Fey

Frankie Fey by Rigby Taylor

Frankie Fey by Rigby Taylor

Frankie approaches life head on with a logical brain and healthy contempt for everyone not as smart as him, so it’s natural that his life isn’t straightforward. A death in the family, abduction, theatrical success, life-threatening encounters with property developers, run-ins with gender-equality fanatics, outsmarting a gang of con-men and women, are mere preludes to a trip to India where a stay in a Himalayan Buddhist monastery goes very, very wrong. Then the young men he meets on his way south are not what they seem… Refusing to be defined by the gender of the people he lusts after, Frankie has no problems with it and has the energy and interest to enjoy the world, not moan and complain about injustices. He’s a true hero, strong, honest, decent, clear-thinking and not too bad looking, so surely one of the young men he befriends will turn out to be his equal?

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