Triad Death Match

Triad Death Match by Seth Harwood

Triad Death Match by Seth Harwood

In this novella, one-time Hollywood action movie star Jack Palms (the star of Shake ’em Down) returns to the page to investigate a crooked fighting tournament in San Francisco’s China Town.
Sponsored by the Chinese Triad gang, this tournament invites fighters of all styles to compete to the death for money and fame. In the tradition of the kumite tournaments featured in Bruce Lee’s iconic film Enter the Dragon and of course Jean Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport, the Triads have cooked up a way to make money and exploit the betting whims of Chinatown’s elite like never before.
When attractive FBI agent Jane Gannon calls on Jack to ride shotgun on her investigation, it leads them both to a sympathetic kung fu killer, a series of fights that need to be stopped, and a situation that comes to a head in one of the biggest climaxes Jack has ever seen — in his life OR in a movie.

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