A Few Points Before Writing A Book Review

When you write a book review, consider a few things before tackling the project. Doing so will allow you to write a better, more balanced review. Tips are courtesy of All You Can Books Review.

1. When you review a book, approach it fairly and with an open mind. Sure, you can point out any shortcomings, but explain completely why you felt that they were in fact shortcomings in your perspective. After all, some people may not think that what you thought was a problem actually is in their opinion.

2. Express your thoughts and ideas of the book as concisely as possible, using words that accurately capture your perspective. You shouldn’t leave room for misinterpretation.

3. Feel free to express your opinions, and never muffle your ideas just because they aren’t the same as popular opinion. You’re the writer of the book review, so it’s your opportunity to voice your beliefs on the book. Just be prepared to back your opinions up with reasons why. To justify your argument, be specific. You may want to draw from the book, using quotes to fully illustrate your perspective.

4. Of course it doesn’t all have to be negative. You can certainly include compliments, again explaining why you thought this way.

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